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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

1. Conditions apply

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Returns and Refund Policy and forming part of the Terms of Service, Xinh Tuoi Online secures the interests of Buyers by allowing return requests for products to be submitted. product and/or refund before expiration. The time limit of Beautiful Online Make sure to allow sending requests is 02 hours from the time of receiving the goods.

Xinh Tuoi Online Assurance is a service provided by Xinh Tuoi Online, at the request of the User, to assist the User in resolving conflicts that may arise during the transaction. Users can contact each other to agree on the resolution of their disputes or report to the relevant local authorities to assist them in resolving any disputes that arise before, during or after use Xinh Fresh Online Guaranteed.

2. Conditions of return

Buyer agrees that she/he may request return and refund only in the following cases:

• The buyer paid but did not receive the product;

• The product is defective or damaged in transit;

• Seller delivers wrong product to Buyer (eg wrong size, wrong color, etc...);

• The Product received by the Buyer is markedly different from the information provided by the Seller in the product description;

• The Seller has negotiated and agreed to the Buyer to return the goods (however, Xinh Tuoi Online will need the Seller to confirm these agreements).

All returns-refund requests must be made on the Beautiful Fresh Online App.

Xinh Tuoi Online always carefully reviews each Buyer's return/refund request and reserves the right to make a final decision on such request based on the foregoing and in accordance with Xinh Tuoi Online's Terms of Service. .

3. Don't change your mind to buy

Except as described in this Returns and Refund Policy, returns due to Buyer's change of mind will not be accepted.

4. Seller's Rights

Upon receipt of a request for a return and/or refund from the Buyer, Xinh Tuoi Online will notify the Seller via text (notification on the App and/or email and/or phone message). Seller needs to send feedback according to Xinh Tuoi Online's instructions within the specified time. After that time, if Xinh Tuoi Online does not receive any response from the Seller, Xinh Tuoi Online will understand that the Seller fully agrees with the Buyer's request, and automatically refunds the Buyer without Any further announcements.

Xinh Tuoi Online always monitors the Seller's response on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to make the final decision on Buyer's return/refund request.

5. Condition of the returned item

In order to limit the problems arising from returning goods, Buyers note that they need to return the product including all accompanying accessories, VAT invoice... if any, and the product must be in intact condition. like upon receipt. Xinh Tuoi Online encourages Buyers to take photos of products as soon as they are received for later comparison/complaint evidence if needed.

6. Returning costs

Seller and Buyer need to agree on who will bear the shipping charges for the returned item.

Note: Currently, Xinh Tuoi Online does not support shipping fees as well as negotiate return shipping fees for complaint orders.

7. Refund for Returned Goods

Xinh Tuoi Online will only refund the Buyer once the Seller confirms receipt of the Returned Goods. In the event that the Seller does not respond within the pre-specified time period, Xinh Tuoi Online will automatically refund the Buyer without further notice. Refunds will be credited to Buyer's designated credit card/bank account on a case-by-case basis.

Note: For COD orders, it is the Buyer's responsibility to provide bank account information in order to receive the refund.

8. Contact between seller and buyer

Xinh Tuoi Online encourages Users to contact each other to negotiate in advance when there are any problems arising in the transaction. Xinh Tuoi Online will only intervene in the event that the Seller and the Buyer cannot come to a final agreement; Therefore, the Buyer should actively contact the Seller when there is any problem related to the order.

9. Dispute between Buyer and Seller

In the event that the Buyer and the Seller cannot agree on a solution, the Buyer and the Seller can complain about this to the Authorities for settlement.

If one party complains to the other party to the authorities, the complaining party needs to promptly notify Xinh Tuong Online about this dispute, together with the requested information from Xinh Tuong Online that Xinh Tuong Online considers to be. reasonable, on a case-by-case basis. In that case, Seller and Buyer jointly agree that once Xinh Tuoi Online has received the notice and information related to the dispute, when the goods have not been paid to the Seller in accordance with regulations. of Xinh Tuoi Online 

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