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Photos of the finished product are sent before delivery.

Offers and commitments

The exclusive benefits and commitments only available at Beloved & Beyond when customers order flowers:

1) Receive a birthday greeting card worth VND 20,000 for gift orders.


• Send a photo of the gift before delivery.
• 100% refund if there is an error in the order.
• Receive order status notifications via App/Email.

3) Receive a 1.5% cashback into the Beloved & Beyond account upon successful delivery.

4) Accumulate points for customer referrals.

Product information

D623356 Kitkat

"Young Love" Care Package


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Product information

- 1 can of Pringles Original Flavoured Potato Chips 107gr

- 1 box of Lotte Pepero Biscuit Sticks Coated Chocolate Flavour

- 2 cannes of Coca-Cola Soft Drink Original Taste 320ml

- 1 pack of Haribo Happy Cola Sour Fresh 80gr

- 2 bars of Kitkat 17gr

- 2 packs of Chocopie 33gr

- 1 pack of M&M S Milk Chocolate 37gr

Box and decoration


- 1 lon khoai tây Pringles vị nguyên bản 107gr

- 2 lon Coca-Cola vị nguyên bản 320ml

- 1 hộp Bánh Pepero Toppo

- 1 gói Kẹo Haribo vị Cola 80gr 2 thanh Kitkat 17gr vị nguyên bản

- 2 gói chocopie 33gr

- 1 gói M&M s vị socola sữa

- Set hộp và trang trí


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Quận 1, TP Hồ Chí Minh
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